Student of the Month

February 2018


Pranav Domakonda.png

Introducing Pranav, age 10, who began learning piano only 5 months ago.  Pranav is a very competitive young man who is always looking for a challenge.  He was the 1st place winner of the scale competition and is working hard on the chord competition.  He loves Lego blocks and solving Rubik's cubes and other puzzles.  He also is gifted in math and was awarded in the Oklahoma Math Bee by the NSF.  I am proud to select Pranav as the December Student of the Month. Congratulations Pranav!



January 2018


Tegan Nicholls.JPG

Introducing Tegan, age 11, who began learning piano with me only 4 1/2 months ago. In spite of her young age, she works very hard at piano and is willing to try anything that I ask of her.  She has learned some very advanced concepts for the length of time studying piano.  After just 3 weeks of lessons, she began the Scale Competition and subsequently learned 29 new scales.  Tegan is a Girl Scout, a Green Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, on her 5th grade leadership committee, and a member of the robotics club. I am proud to select Tegan as the October Student of the Month. Congratulations Tegan!


December 2017


Gabby Fortune.jpg

Introducing Gabrielle, age 16, known as "Gabby" to family and friends. She has been studying piano with me for about 2 years and has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  Gabby is very passionate about piano, practicing hard every day that she can (which is most days).  She reads about music composers and listens to music to learn more about it. She is always attentive and eager to follow my instructions.  Gabby attends AP classes in the pre-med program at Francis Tuttle but wants to major in music when she goes college.  I am proud to select Gabby as the September Student of the Month. Congratulations Gabby!